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Meung sur loire
Tel : + 33 (0) 682 158 037
N° 54
lieu dit Roudon
45130 Meung sur loire — France

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ARS, the association Street and Stages was creates in September, 2012 and is based at Meung sur Loire ( 45130 ), in Loiret, in French.
This association endowed with a License for the entertainment business alive 2 has for vocation to make discover Artists of the world, stemming as well from the world of the street as that of the stage.
The association has for essential role to connect the various artists with thevarious structures bound to the world of the culture (press - cultural places - the cultural event planners).She takes at present care to realize tours for the various trainings in Europe, with the ambition
to open the perspectives to the other continents.
ARS works essentially since its creation with the artists of Benin.In 2013, ARS realized punctually the tour of the brass band Eyon' lé of Benin as well as that of another training of Benin, Gangbé Brass Band.
Since 2015, the association focused on two young trainings of Benin:VIVIOLA and ONANLA
VIVIOLA is a training constituted by 7 musicians of Cotonou and Porto-Novo.It is an atypical training realizing an interbreeding between the Funk, the Rap, the Jazz and the energy, the polyrythmie and the African tints.
ONANLA constituted by 7 artists is a training totally of street.
Brass instruments, choirs and rhythms appropriate roots, traditional airs forrestore a tone closer to an orchestra of street than to a brass band.
During the tours, ARS association also manages the welcome of artistic, the accommodation, the meals of the days of.
Since 2015, the ARS association also puts a lot into the production of the show of VIVIOLA.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Eyon' lé - Bénin street band / booking in in 2013
Gangbé Brass Band – Bénin training / booking in 2013
Since 2015 , Production and distribution of VIVIOLA from Benin and ONANLA from Benin to.