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FLR Productions

Production de spectacles — Manager / agent

Tel : 06 72 68 17 70
15 rue du Commerce
37000 Tours — France

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DHOAD GYPSIES of RAJASTHAN BASED IN FRANCE. Organizing Tours, concerts, workshops. Promoting Rajasthani Traditional Music and Dance , Bollywood Masala Orchestra - Spirit of India - Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band Proposing concerts for festivals,Concert Halls, Cultures Centres, childrens concerts for schools shows, Street Festivals, Jazz Festivals, Fusion Projects, Meeting between the cultures, Special Program for Gypsy Festivals

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

DHOAD Gypsies of Rajasthan, Bollywood Masala Orchestra - Spirit of India, Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band, DHOAD - Times of Maharaja