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Manager / agent — Production discographique — Edition — Production de spectacles

Tel : 06 86 71 80 43
3 rue des Milad
56 630 Langonnet — France

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Innacor Records has been initiated by Jacky Molard, Erik Marchand, Jeanno Jory and producer Bertrand Dupont. It highlights the musical productions it cherishes in a region where artists have chosen the openness of the world instead of the identity fallback and the crossing of types. Manager and support the label's artists Innacor develop partnerships with booking agencies in the world. Other activities : publishing and artistic counsel in programming of events and venues.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Discographic news 2018-2019 : Jacky Molard Quartet / Selamnesh Zemene & Badume Band / Yuma / CharkhaArtists au catalogue : voir www.innacor.com >>> Kristen Noguès / Patrick Molard "Light & Shade" / Hasan Yarimdunia / Mamar Kassey / Keyvan Chemirani - Annie Ebrel / Erik Marchand / Kreiz Breizh Akademi / Hélène Labarrière Qt / Valentin Clastrier...