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Publiée le 02/02/2018 dans Member

By Innacor


New Album > March 3th (digital distribution believe)
“The mycelium is invisible, but it is there. Essential. It is there, a network of infinite life, entangled in the roots of trees, working in harmony. In these inhuman times, we can only come close to each other, be together to create. Essential.”
Jacky Molard
Having released 3 albums over the past 10 years, Jacky Molard’s quartet takes a new step into a sensitive musical imagination. The maturity of the formation is expressed in the music, just as it is in classical music quartets, requiring time and maturity to develop a unique sound, the sound of an entity and not four individual musicians.In Mycelium, musician composers are invited to write a piece that the quartet then arranges and interprets with their own aesthetic and music. This is Jacky Molard’s way of taking the quartet to the next level with a fresh flow of new sounds and worlds.
Jacky Molard violinYannick Jory saxophonesHélène Labarrière doublebassJanick Martin accordéon
GUESTSFrançois Corneloup saxophone baryton / Albert Marcoeur voix et percussions / Christophe Marguet batterie / Serge Teyssot-Gay guitare / Jean-Michel Veillon flûtes