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By Innacor


The lead of the Tunisian Alternative Music
Between ancient arab mystics, acoustic folk soul, ferocious desert blues, and the excitement of newarab alternative music.
An escape towards a world of their own creation, made of fables, proverbs, theirgrandmother’s tales. Poetic diction is omnipresent in Ÿuma’s texts, evoked as much in their lyricalflights as by the sensitivity of their words and contexts. Through their texts, Sabrine Jehnani andRamy Zoghlami tell us the story of their nostalgia for an easy-going and friendly Tunisia, and passon to us a priceless heritage of the values of Tunisian culture.Intertwining words, allegories, mysticisme, sorcery, metaphors and incarnation, Ÿuma turnthe spotlight onto the precious contours of yesterday’s Tunisian orality, lost today, to the constantevolution of the language.“agis dans ton lieu, pense avec le monde” (Edouard Glissant)Ÿuma is an experience both unique and meta-universal.Ÿuma’s most important asset is certainly their interest in enhancing and merging
Sabrine JENHANI : voice & compositions Ramy ZOGHLAMI : voice, guitar & compositions