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ACTER (Agir pour la Culture et le Tourisme dans l’Est de La Réunion)

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44 rue Amiral Bouvet
97470 Saint-Benoît — Réunion

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ACTER (Acting for Culture and Tourism in the East of Reunion) was born in 2012 from the fierce desire to carry out a popular cultural project and to create an original place for the dissemination of Current Music in the East of Reunion. With the Bisik we have invented an original third place, a space of plural conviviality which could prefigure a Current Music Scene adapted to the territory desired by our team and already by many of our partners with whom we aim to sign soon. a multi-year agreement. Our objectives remain first of all to offer a quality cultural offer in the East of the island which does not have equipment dedicated to current music and small forms of expression. To allow, then, the public of Saint-Benoît and more widely (We aim to diversify the public of culture with, among other things, an average price of 8€, to play an active role cultural rebalancing of the East of Reunion) to have access to a relevant cultural offer in partnership with the various cultural actors of the department and to support local creation in all its diversity. And finally to produce (development of local groups, from the Indian Ocean area and elsewhere), support (residences for groups, training, resources, etc.), distribute current music groups (concerts, festivals, etc.) four dates in partnership with the Salle Gramoun Lélé since 2021), but also visual artists and live performance in all its forms (contemporary theater partnership with Les Bambous, restitution of school workshops - primary, middle and high schools in the East -, open stages, evenings tales and poetry, small theatrical forms…), favoring proposals adapted to our place.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Bisik's programming is eclectic and leaves room for all aesthetics with a concert scheduled each week and an open stage on the first Saturday of each month.

We are currently supporting two groups in their development

Solah is a duo filled with dreams, myths and femininity.It is the association of two sisters, Dédette Saint-Pierre and Patricia Philippe who find themselves after being known solo. The vision of the two artists clashes and merges harmoniously. Scenes of life transcribed in a light and captivating way in inspired creations. The art of speaking and laughing at oneself without taboos, the woman fully finds her place in a culture where she often finds herself withdrawn. In this identity where maloya is no longer just a man's business. The Philippe sisters, authors, composers and performers, pool vocal performances through their artistic experience. They lead you into a refined universe embellished with acoustic sounds, eclectic and filled with poetry, coming from their musical influences (Reunion, India, Africa, Madagascar,…)

Kanasel Trio Many Reunionese are unaware of the motto that adorns their coat of arms, but the Benedictine Kanasel has made it his red thread. Where he goes he sings, where we sing he goes. Streets, bars, festival stages, the singer-songwriter comes from everywhere and wants to go back there. His voice befits rock, soul, and the folk of his idols, so he allows him all the excesses: his music is that of a culture of playlists in which Ben Harper crosses paths with the Black Keys and Alain Peters without the slightest taboo. To introduce himself to the public before revealing his own songs, he begins by crossing his repertoire diagonally via Creole adaptations of his favorite pieces. We therefore discover his voice, his pen and a guilty love of the identity defector who define the contours of his “Kreopolitan pop” Kanasel grew up with 10,000 albums in his pocket and put them in his, entitled Florebo. A music without prohibitions for a career which wants to be without borders. Everywhere he wants to sing the Creole of his island, the French of his country, and the English of his promised lands.