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Tel : 0478278604
6 rue Jules Courmont
69002 LYON — France

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ARTY FARTYEstablished in 1999, Arty Farty is a not-for-profit association, governed by the 1901 French Association Law. 100% European and 100% independent, Arty Farty places itself at the service of young people, innovative cultures, democratic renewal and the general interest.Socially engaged and active, Arty Farty is a melting pot for ideas, debates and artistic initiatives, locally and on both a European and international level. It champions the renewal of public strategy in the fields of culture, entrepreneurship and democratic practices. Arty Farty campaigns for a greater understanding of the role that can be played by cultural, artistic and creative vision in redefining European integration and bridging today’s social, territorial and generational divides.Arty Farty has built its own entrepreneurial ecosystem, informed by its experiences and its values. It serves as a coordinated tool box, with each constituent part built in synergy with the others and based on the same development structure: a new model of governance that places equal importance on entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the general interest, on transparency and independence, on democratic control and disinterested management.Drawing on its experiences, Arty Farty has built an ecosystem of competences, designed to be at the service of cultural projects, institutions, brands and enterprises. As such, it receives requests all year round for project creation and artistic, strategic and cultural engineering consultancy, allowing it to showcase its expertise in the following areas:- creation and production of event venues- artistic and strategic consultancy and management- project management and artistic support- communications, mediation and press relations- commercialisation and fundraising- monitoring, prospecting and content production - administrative managementARTY FARTY’S VALUES:Arty Farty, an independent structure- independent governance- independent economic model- 100% independent programmingArty Farty, a forward-thinking structure- receptive to our changing times- on the lookout for tomorrow’s artists and emerging aesthetics- attentive to new uses and innovative practicesArty Farty, socially engaged and active- in favour of young people and democratic renewal- in favour of Europe and culture- in favour of diversity and opennessArty Farty, a unifying force at the cutting edge of culture- artistic quality before all else- bringing people together- a spirit of transdisciplinarity and interactionNUITS SONORES FESTIVALNuits Sonores is a cultural, artistic and urban laboratory that was born in Lyon in 2003.Serving as a melting pot for ideas, artistic projects and cultural initiatives, for 15 years Nuits Sonores has offered a select panorama of cutting edge independent, electronic and digital contemporary culture.With its finger eternally glued to the pulse of the modern day and the future of the creative arts, Nuits Sonores champions forward thinkers and pioneers, seeking out tomorrow’s artists and emerging aesthetics, forever on the lookout for new uses and innovative practices.With carefully-selected programming that is resolutely independent and fresh, the festival synthesises its key values of openness and diversity, championing the universal quality of music and encouraging artistic forms to break free from their shackles. It thereby fosters better interaction and a greater variety of experiments in different creative sectors such as design, imagery, graphics, food culture and architecture. An accessible and unifying force, Nuits Sonores aims to bring together a varied audience that is uninhibited by generational, social or geographical barriers. This ambition is reflected in the festival’s physical presence at the heart of communities, districts and living environments.Every year for 5 days and 5 nights, the festival inhabits 40 locations across the city of Lyon, including distinguished industrial heritage sites, iconic landmarks and everyday locations. During this time, Nuits Sonores transforms Lyon into a unique urban space of freedom, togetherness and sharing.NUITS SONORES ABROADThanks to its international partnerships Arty Farty exports the Nuits sonores festival around the world. This allows the organization to offer the young artists it supports a great opportunity to perform internationally and to meet new audiences and professionals of the music industry. Here is a quick overview of the cities that hosted the Nuits sonores festival in the past: Barcelona (Spain, 2009), Yokohama (Japan, 2009), Shanghai (China, 2010), Tangier (Morocco, 2013, 2014, 2015) or Seoul (South Korea, 2016). In 2017, Arty Farty will be back in Morocco with the 4th edition of Nuits sonores Tangier and will organize a first edition of the festival in both Colombia (Bogota, Medellin, Manizales) and Belgium (Brussels).

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Check Nuits sonores past and upcoming line-ups on the festival's website.> New line-up : http://www.nuits-sonores.com/> Archives : http://www.nuits-sonores.com/archives/