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Arvor Music

Tourneur — Production de spectacles

Tel : +33 6 79 95 87 74
10 Rue de la Guichardaie
35600 Redon — France

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Founded in 2022 by Alexandre Sabot, Arvor Music is a touring company.

What does “Arvor” mean?
Arvor, modern Breton spelling of the word Armor, which is composed of Old Breton ar “near, on, in front” and mor “sea” which sees its initial vowel m- of the word mor mutated into v-, hence ar vor “in front of the sea”

The immensity, the infinity, an analogy with music, so many musical works composed with only twelve notes.
The sea, an openness to the world, an invitation to travel, an emotional experience, so many ingredients that I find in the music of the artists with whom I cooperate.
The music has a temporal dimension that is found in the movement of water and waves, from the calm sea to the violence of storms.

“There’s two things you can’t live without. Water and music.” Quincy Jones

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Octantrion : Inspired by Northern European music as well as folk and blues, Octantrion takes acoustic and traditional instruments beyond their ordinary limits.
Old melodies, original compositions and energy intermingle and draw the audience into a unique universe.

DIA.T : DIA.T's music is unique, born from the unprecedented meeting of Marina Razanasoa's Malagasy vocals, Gilles Le Bigot's Celtic guitar and Gurvan Liard's electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy.
Their roots are deep and multiple, the foliage dense and colourful, influences are Malagasy, Breton, African and European.
It is this multicultural mix that makes DIA.T unique and that places this trio in the world music of ethnic inspiration.DIA.T's music speaks to the audience and makes them discover a musical world full of richness, more vast than we can imagine.

Cholo Trio: These three artists share the same thirst for creation and the same desire to explore and revisit the Sega (a musical genre emblematic of the Mascarene archipelago and more precisely of Mauritius).Juggling between traditional and modern instruments, Cholo plays Tipik Sega but also offers its own arrangements and compositions by adding more contemporary colours.

Dear John: A four girl band playing traditional American music, based on Old-time, Bluegrass, Folk and Southern Gospel styles.