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Association Caîman --- Fanfare Eyo nlé

Production de spectacles — Teaching / formation — Tourneur — Festival

Tel :
Rue de la marche
23190 CHAMPAGNAT — France

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The association Les Caîmans broadcasts the band Eyo nlé Brass Band throughout France and Europe and produces the group’s shows.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

The 6 touring artists are all members of the Eyo nlé Brass Band.From an early age, Mathieu, Jean, Rock and Christian learned harmony at a young age, singing songs every morning, directed by their father, under the loving eye (and ear) of their grandfather, accordionist. A legacy in the purest Beninese tradition, where we play and sing from cradle to grave. Harmony in the art of living. A vibrant, living heritage.