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Association Rozo Production

Production discographique — Edition — Manager / agent — Production de spectacles

Tel : +33619088407
6 rue Saint Exupery
60340 Villers-Sous-Saint-Leu — France

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Sound and music recording, music production and publishing; rental of recording studio, equipment; the provision of services for the production of musical arrangements, sound engineers, management of recording and live sessions; the production of films, video clips, presentation videos of artistic projects, documentaries, musical learning materials (collection of scores, musical methods, etc.) and programs for television, internet and all media including dematerialized ; the creation, organization and production of events and live shows; the organization of tours, seminars, cultural activities; music education, training, support and development of artists; as well as all artistic and cultural activities throughout France and abroad; the promotion of the artistic heritage of Guadeloupe and Martinique, in particular Gwoka music, bèlè, beguine, and mazurka

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Körinn Pierre-Fanfan