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47 Route de Blagnac
31 200 Toulouse — France

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Founded in 1994, Yemaya is a citizen association open to the world which promotes the values of solidarity, social and local economy, popular education, and a culture accessible to everyone. Its fields of research: cultural pluralism and how to build bridges between the cultures.At first, Yemaya worked closely with the National School of Arts in Havana through cultural exchanges, dance and Cuban music workshops. More than 30 travels from France to Cuba and 25 travels from Cuba to France have been organized overall. Its projects are focused on cultural actions in Toulouse and peri-urban areas, particularly in the districts of northern Toulouse.Its main missions: * Transmitting through plans for artistic education, cultural mediation, workshops for non-professional artists and masterclasses.* Broadcasting live performances and helping artistic creations (Artistic residencies)* Promoting cultural awareness by encouraging exchanges between various audiences, disciplines and art shapes through a transversal and multidisciplinary program, and promoting cultural and social diversity, as well as building social bounds through local, cultural and participative actions. * Working sustainably by developing eco friendly actions into the Association (Terres de Rencontres cultural space) and the festival “Cuba Hoy”Yemaya carries two projects: * The Cultural & Artistic center Terres de Rencontres created in 2008. Cultural place and collaborative living space! A culture close to all!This self-sufficient and mutualized public place (400m2) is open to non-professional artistic creation, meetings and cultural diversity. It is located in the hearth of Sept-Deniers neighbourhood. This location enables Terres de Rencontres to act in a spirit of solidarity, sharing and closeness.* The festival « Cuba Hoy !… Terres de Rencontres » : Cultural and festive event focused on Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America - 27 years of existence. A multidisciplinary program with mediation actions for an intergenerational audience. The festival initially established itself in Castanet Tolosan. In 2004, Tournefeuille hosted the festival. For 15 years, it will flourish and develop on this territory, thanks to solid partnerships with the social and cultural actors of the city. In 2019, Toulouse welcomes "Cuba Hoy!..."!

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Music from Latin America, Africa and Caribbean Islands : Super Panela, Guayabo Brothers, Lucia De Carvalho, Bernardo Sandoval, Serge Lopez, Paamath, Septeto Nabori, Los Van Van, Kalangata, La Mixtura, Calle Reina, Reco Reco, Orishas (rap cubain), Philippe Baden Powel, Calle Real, Calle Reina, Mikael Dinza, Conga Libre, La Mécanica Loca, La Ceiba, Ganzua Trio, Los Van Van, Caña Brava, Juan Carlos Cáceres, Moonlight Benjamin Quintet, Gato Negro, les Roger's, Cuarteto Tafi, Samëli, Paamath, Fabian Ordonez..