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sonCreated in 1984 as a Universal Open Scene, Attacafa is a welcoming and engaging utopia. Attacafa’s goal is to let the creole spirit enter the Region’s and Lille Metropole’s cultural places, in an effort to tackle ethnocentrism as a whole and the tendency to single out world cultures as though the European ones shouldn’t contain elements from other parts of the world. Some concrete ideas to support this goal were, for example; opening the Opera to receive well-known vocal artists whose work revolves around other traditions, having European lyric-art artists from Beyruth’s and Tangier’s scenes perform in venues dedicated to modern music, presenting plays from Palestinian playwrights, opening the doors of contemporary art theaters to kathakali dancers, and showcasing calligraphy artworks in galleries.

Nowadays, Attacafa’s action is as relevant as ever. Not only does the association want to let art forms coming from outside of Europe into the operas, theaters, and concert halls, but also to give these art forms their rightful place. The association will also allow more mobility for artists from the Global South to let artworks, cultural heritages, scholarly traditions, contemporary creations and popular creations to travel freely. In the 2000’s we created projects in public urban spaces, working on our cities’ sensitive aspects, and building bridges between the street and the concert venues. We’d like to create more room to express one’s self, to gain knowledge and to be acknowledged - spaces where everybody can feel and experience a sense of belonging together.

Attacafa is built around a tightly knit group of paid workers, which attracts many free spirits in its employment: photographers, visual artists, graphic designers, musicians, writers, comedians, stage directors, cooks, college professors, engineers, volunteers, and part-time workers from the show business scene… All these people share a strong will to support bridge-building projects, and to create an open and welcoming creole world. Attacafa wants people to go with the world’s transformation, to see how amazing its transient character can be. Attaca is our very own small utopia.

At Attacafa, we don’t consider world cultures as belonging outside. For us, they should be a reason to respect diversity, find one’s place in the vast world and to make room for artists and audiences that connect different parts of the world. A reason for globe-trotters who want to discover other cultures rather than building walls and blocking paths.

Our first step to support this vision is always to look around us, feel our environment, meet people and listen to them. We then think about ways to pass around ideas, enable communication and foster solidarity not only between different people, districts, or cities, but also between countries from the Global North / Global South and between the European Union and the countries that can help building it further.

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Main projects :
La Louche d'Or - International Soup Festival
The International Soup Festival is a jovial, symbolic and festive competition, created by the Attacafa association, focusing on the unifying theme of soup: the only dish that is common in all continents. It takes place annually, on the 1st of May, since 2001, in the neighbourhood of Wazemmes in Lille.Everyone is invited to make THE soup and aiming to win the prestigious Louche D’Or (Golden Ladle). In addition to the active participation of the festival-goers, this competition puts the spotlight on the cultures of the five continents through a rich and varied cultural program that touches on all arts (music, theater, street arts, cooking, dance, and shows hosted by locals...).

The festival is an opportunity for a genuine world journey, inviting us to allow our artistic, culinary and cultural tendencies to cross. Families or friendscome and play the role of a taster, or launch theirselves into the activity and offer their soup to try to win the famous Louche D’Or!

The event will let you become a flavour connoisseur and you will find yourself strolling around the many shows and concerts. The program will be disclosed a month in advance, to play on surprise and discover.

Le Temps d'une Lune - festival
For a great deal of the world's population, the month of Ramadan indicates sharing. In spite of personal beliefs that anyone is free to embrace, this month is an important symbol and allows an entire society to gather together and to share special moments and quality time together.Whether you share the same beliefs or not, the making of a society is reached by understanding and accepting each other.Historical events can sometimes compromise intentions and misrepresent references, which may lead to a difficult cohabitation among people, when cohabitation relies on much more than mere tolerance.In light with what Attacafa has always believed, this festival offers to pay tribute and celebrate this time of sharing and acceptance. We have organized musical and cinematographic events for you to enjoy during this time of sharing and cohesion between society, which will allow you to discover unique artistic universes.

Nomad programming
At Lille Opera, and other places in Lille's area.