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Tel : 06 82 39 39 62
8 rue d'Isly
L'autre côté du monde Production
69004 LYON — France

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L'Autre côté du Monde Production was created in 2013 to produce the concerts, shows and recordings of Bab Assalam and focuses on the East-West link.
Bab Assalam is a Franco-Syrian trip. A meeting between the French clarinetist Raphael Vuillard and the Syrian brothers, Khaled and Mohanad Aljaramani (oud, percussion and songs).
Bab Assalam invites artists from different disciplines and artistic universes (puppets, video, circus...), weaving his plot between East and West. The trio continues the exploration that borrows from both Eastern tradition and Western Baroque music, in search of live electro and sound hacking.
All three specialists in so-called "classical" Eastern and Western music are now resolutely focused on the search for contemporary music that makes use of both tradition and contemporary technology.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Bab Assalam
- Trio concerts
- Musical performances, the last one is Dervish
Bab Assalam accompanied by Sylvain Julien, now reinvents the legend of the Whirling Dervishes with a “whirling” concert, where their Sufi trance becomes a Circassian poetry.