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Tourneur — Production de spectacles — Production discographique — Manager / agent

Tel : 0612334541
3 rue Beau Séjour
34000 Montpellier — France

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Boomerang was born in 2014 around Alain Rabaud and Stephane Ricchiero on a 360° artist development strategy around 3 poles- Boomerang productions: production of shows and phonographic productions and management of artists.- MAD artist distribution label via Pias France, more than 80 references since the beginning of 2017 including many artists evolving in world music (Hakim Hamadouche, Irie Jahzz, Fanga, Sir Jean & Nmb afrobeat experience, Ramses Saï Saï, Barrut , Nawel Ben Kraim...)-Boom Booking artist tour (Fanga, Soul Jazz Orchestra, Tiwonie...);
Dormant from 2017 to June 2023, we are relaunching booking with a new catalog of artists: Nawel Ben Kraïem, Irie Jahzz, Rabie Houti Band, Yog Asha D.. other artists to come, still in a world music vein / current music.the new team: Léonie Russeil: booking France.- yuri Lopes: international booking.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Nawel Ben Kraïem: New album “je chante un secret” released in November 2022, on tour in 2024.Irie Jahzz: New EP “Sème In Dub” in May 2023, on tour all year round.Asha D on tour from March 2024.Yog: on tour all year round.Rabie Houti Band: new album late spring 2024 then on tour until 2025.