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Cappella compagnie

Production de spectacles — Production discographique — Teaching / formation — Manager / agent

Tel : 0608577138
2 bis Avenue le jouteux
Château abbatial de Bourgueil
37140 Bourgueil — France

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Cappella Compagnie was born from the desire to bring together sacred vocal traditions and popular arts. By supporting artists in their projects, it takes care of producing, promoting, disseminating and transmitting to foster the emergence of new talents, support musical creation and educate a large audience about sacred vocal traditions. Cappella Compagnie also develops concerts outside traditional concert halls (Martyrium crypt in Montmartre (Paris), Villarceaux area (French Vexin natural park), Vezelay Basilica (Burgundy), Cluny Abbey, etc.) Cappella Compagnie is also an editor of phonograms: she participated in the production of Fanny Perrier-Rochas's album, "Du fond des ages" released in July 2019, from the eponymous musical show. The Cappella Compagnie office is made up of a predominantly female team and the co-presidency is ensured by two women.

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